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The Power of Pets

Pets make you feel needed. When you’re feeling depressed, you may want to just stay in bed and pull the covers over your head. But if you have a dog you know that it needs to be fed and walked. So there’s some sense of stability and continuity there…there’s someone who needs your care.

The “Trial Separation”

When couples elect to “trial separate”, they are usually doing so to determine if being apart or being together is where they need to be. Of course, these goals vary from couple to couple, but nonetheless, couples are testing the waters of separation/divorce for a variety of reasons.

The Perfect Divorce

Your family is going to look different after divorce, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Here are ten steps to help you re-create your family as a happy, functional, two-home family post-divorce.

The Money Trap

Two nice people who used to be a nice couple not too long ago are suddenly being cheered on like two gladiators trying to destroy one another. The “Greek chorus” of well-wishers sometimes gives bad advice.

A Fair Negotiation

Negotiation skills will help you achieve some of your needs and wants without alienating or angering the other parties involved. Here’s how to use negotiation to resolve disputes and to build better interpersonal relationships.

The Good Divorce

The “good divorce” is not an oxymoron. The simple truth is that while there are bad divorces, there are also good ones. And it’s never too late to have a good divorce.