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My spouse is a good parent (if applicable).
I am a good parent (if applicable).
I understand my/our financial situation.*
I believe I should get more of our assets (home, retirement, bank accounts) than my spouse:*
Alcohol or drug abuse is not an issue in our relationship.*
Violence is not an issue in our relationship*
Infidelity is not an issue in our relationship.*
I believe that we will reach a fair agreement in mediation.*
What are your priorities when you mediate? In other words, how do you want to share the kids? Do you wish to sell/keep/stay in the marital home? What do you want out of the settlement? What about retirement funds? Debt? Alimony?
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Do either you or your spouse have a Defined Benefit Pension Plan (DB)? A DB plan is a retirement plan that pays a certain MONTHLY dollar amount upon retirement. This is typical for military personnel, teachers, and other government employees. (NOTE: A DB Plan is NOT a 401k, IRA, or other similar account that is contributed to regularly where you receive a monthly or quarterly statement showing how much has been saved.)
When people decide to mediate, they usually do so to save money, time, and avoid going to court. Other than these reasons, why do you wish to mediate?
Additional Information - Use this area to tell us about any other information that is meaningful to you. Examples might be explanations to questions above, roadblocks to your discussions, high conflict subject areas, or anything else that you believe is important. Please be as complete as possible.
Above you indicated that there were issues with alcohol or drugs. Would you please share a little bit about that?
Above you stated that violence could have been an issue in the past. Would you share a little more about that?
Above you stated you felt infidelity was an issue in your marriage. Please elaborate.
You mentioned above you were not optimistic about reaching an agreement in mediation. Why do you feel this way?
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