Heal With Inspirational Music

The Sun is Rising – by Britt Nicole

Many of us have high expectations for marriage that are suddenly gone, leaving us with feelings of hurt, pain, and hopelessness.  This inspiring music offers a rekindling of that lost hope.  Don’t give up…things will get better.

Broken – by Lifehouse

A marriage coming to a close can leave a couple of broken hearts in its path, regardless as to who wanted the split. This moving composition encourages the listener to hold on – you will be okay.

The Unmaking – by Nichole Norderman

When things come crashing down, sometimes we feel we need to “re-make” ourselves.  One might initially think that this music is being sung to a spouse, but it is to our God about the “Unmaking” of the old self in preparation for the new.    As “before each beginning, there must be an ending, for sitting in the rubble, you can see the stars”.

Worn – by Tenth Avenue North

When you are tired, worn, and frail from what you’re going through, find some comfort here. Your struggle will end.