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Can You Have a Mediated Divorce If You Are Angry At Your Spouse?

Anger is a normal feeling to have during a divorce. In fact, if you didn’t feel angry there would probably be something very wrong. Usually, one person has been unhappy for a period of time preceding the divorce, and was angry during this time. Anger can be expressed in mediation and in fact, it is a valuable tool for a mediator to use.
July 10, 2016/by cdm-srh

Is Mediation the Right Choice for Your Divorce?

The mediation process, also called Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), requires two individuals who are willing to look past their emotions and, in a spirit of cooperation, find the best solution for their unique situation. Mediation is not a magic pill -- it can't turn a terrible situation into a good one -- but it can help to create a future everyone can live with.
July 10, 2016/by cdm-srh
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Divorce Mediation Leads To A Lasting Resolution

The positive and transforming effects of mediation can have a lasting effect beyond the context of the dispute at hand. The beneficiaries of the mediation process are not always limited to the disputing parties. There are family members, neighbors, and co-workers who may all be affected by the dispute, and who may experience a change, sometimes a profound change in their own lives when a dispute is resolved in mediation.
July 10, 2016/by cdm-srh
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Managing Fighting Words During Divorce

When your ex makes you "fighting mad," it can be hard to resist the impulse to engage in verbal battle. But a fight just leads to a revenge attack, and then another and another. Here's how to get out of this vicious circle and resolve your dispute.
July 11, 2016/by cdm-srh

Hurdling Barriers in Divorce Settlements

Here's how to overcome some of the most common barriers to successful mediation.
July 11, 2016/by cdm-srh
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Ensuring Fairness in Divorce Negotiations

Negotiation skills will help you achieve some of your needs and wants without alienating or angering the other parties involved. Here's how to use negotiation to resolve disputes and to build better interpersonal relationships.
July 11, 2016/by cdm-srh

The Most Common Questions Asked About Divorce Mediation

There is another courtroom myth that dies hard, the myth that legal fees are paid for by the party who loses. In most divorce courts, this is simply not true. Whether you win or lose, you will most likely be picking up your lawyer's tab.
July 11, 2016/by cdm-srh
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Explore The Trial Separation Before Divorce

When couples elect to “trial separate”, they are usually doing so to determine if being apart or being together is where they need to be. Of course, these goals vary from couple to couple, but nonetheless, couples are testing the waters of separation/divorce for a variety of reasons.
April 6, 2018/by cdm-srh