Mediating Remotely

Mediate From Home

You can still move forward on the same schedule with the same expectations.

Some of our clients would rather mediate from the comfort of their own home or in a private place away from home.  And that’s okay.  Because we can do this through video-conferencing and screen sharing.

It works like this.  You are at home and your spouse (if separated) is at home.  If you are not separated, you would each be on individual computers in different rooms of the same home.  On your screen, you would see your mediator and your spouse.  Your spouse would see the mediator and you.  We have the ability to share any of our multiple screens with you to facilitate discussions.  These screens might be sample parenting plans or a spreadsheet.  We also have a “digital whiteboard” that allows us to illustrate different concepts and options with the two of you – all while appearing on the screen of your computer.  It’s quite effective.  And you don’t have to try to imagine what is being proposed, you can see it as if you were there at the office looking at the whiteboard in person.  And the entire system is encrypted.  So it protects your privacy.

We have employed this technology now for years working with couples where one may live away from our office area or even overseas.   So, nothing has to be put on hold.  It really is that easy.  Give us a call today and we’ll discuss this new way to get you to your destination.