Can You Discuss the Kids?

Over and over, studies have shown that one of the most devastating things a child can endure is a divorce where the parents are continually at battle.  When it comes to children, one of biggest arguments in favor of mediation is that it sets a foundation of cooperative co-parenting with a parenting plan designed by the parents themselves.  Parents should always consider that the meeting of the children’s needs is paramount to their “emotional survival“.

Typical parenting agreements usually address the more obvious issues such as where the children stay on certain days of the week, educational/medical needs and decision making responsibility.  At Carolina Divorce Mediators, we pride ourselves on helping you create parenting agreements that are thorough as well as workable, taking into account all of the needs of the children and the parents.  Such agreements reduce the amount of future conflict that you might have with your spouse.

You author the plan together — as the parents.