Alimony/Spousal Support

The second part of your financial mediation, the alimony conversation, can be quite contentious for some couples (some couples do not have this conversation if not needed).   The pain and anger that one can feel in the midst of a divorce are not always the emotions that create a strong desire to pay.  For high conflict couples, the would-be recipient sometimes wants more than is necessary and the would-be payer wants to pay very little.  It can create a challenging environment. At Carolina Divorce Mediators, we have a proven process to address the subject of alimony as well as the anxiety it creates.

The fear of not being able to meet expenses on a month-to-month basis is understandable.  It is a very real concern that we do not take lightly.   But it is also important to understand that this fear of not meeting expenses not only applies to the recipient of support, but also the payer.

Prior to your mediation, your mediator will send you information that you will use to prepare.  This document, called a Lifestyle Analysis, will help you and your spouse determine what it costs for each of you to live separate from each other.   Knowing what the expenses are helps the two of you understand the needs of each; offering security in knowing that expenses will be met as well as knowing that too much was not paid.

Our mediators are very skilled in helping couples reach a fair and equitable arrangement concerning support.  It’s not about the other party meeting all expenses and you getting a little bit of what is left over, it’s about something that is fair to each of you.