Getting Ready

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. John F. Kennedy

Money is necessary.  It is needed to provide for ourselves and our children.  But sometimes financial issues can be quite challenging.  Putting together the necessary information to help determine your financial future can also be a daunting task.  Investments and liabilities may be forgotten and the values can be under or over stated.  We provide a comprehensive checklist that will help you assemble all of your financial information and determine your post-divorce income requirements.

What about support issues?  Will the children’s needs be met?  How will support be paid?  Does it adjust when incomes change?  Answering questions like these is just a small part of what we do that will determine proper income for the both of you.

Financial decisions are for a lifetime.  Making the right choices in the beginning sometimes requires the financial expertise of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, a CDFA.  This professional works with the both of you in bringing together your financial picture in a scientific way, detailing each spouse’s asset and liability models as well as income projections that take into account inflation, taxes, and other often overlooked caveats.  Most clients find that the services that a CDFA provides are paid for many times over in the savings that are realized by such scientific analysis.

At Carolina Divorce Mediators, our success depends on your success.