Your Next Steps

Now that you have finalized your Memorandum of Understanding, you will need a competent attorney to make your decisions official. This is done by drafting a Mediated Separation Agreement (MSA) that contains all of the provisions of your settlement, support, and parenting plan (if you have children). Once this MSA is signed before a notary, it becomes legally binding, allowing the process of closure of a painful process to begin so that you may move forward and parent together. Your parental relationship remains intact.

The attorneys at Sodoma Law are committed to maintaining the cooperative spirit of mediation while diligently documenting the decisions you made during the process. They respect your decisions and will not attempt to “undo” anything that you have worked to put together. They will not make you adversaries – a concept that is certain to help the two of you maintain the goals you reached in mediation. They are available to assist you with the drafting of your MSA, execution of the terms of the MSA, as well as the process of Absolute Divorce. Sodoma Law can help see you through the final steps of this process so you can move forward confidently.

Remember, during this final process, an attorney can only work with one of you in a limited representation capacity. Limited Representation simply means the attorney will draft the needed documents and will not provide any legal advice. The two of you should have a discussion in advance to determine who that will be because the attorney will only be able to legally communicate with that individual – not both of you. Whichever person you decide upon will become the attorney’s client.  They will still respect your decisions made in mediation and not offer advice to try to change anything.  If there are any disagreements or changes that need to be made after the fact, the attorney will have you return to your mediator to resolve them.

When deciding who the client will be, you may wish to consider which of you it will be most convenient for (work schedule, etc). Another consideration is that the client will be named the “Plaintiff” in any divorce filing.  As you know, the divorce filing takes place after the one-year separation period. Sometimes clients are not willing to be named as the “plaintiff” – but it is something you both can discuss and decide together. If you happen to be in a situation where only one of you is willing to initiate the divorce filing, then that person should most likely be the client from the beginning. Just remember that the spouse who is the client when the Separation Agreement is drafted must be the client for the divorce filing as well if you intend to also use Sodoma Law for that filing.

Ultimately, the attorneys at Sodoma Law have explained that given the nature of the limited representation services that the firm will provide, the person who becomes the client – or is named the plaintiff – should not matter in these circumstances and is a matter of personal preference. Once you have decided who the client will be, only that person should reach out to Sodoma Law to initiate next steps.

Ms. Nicole H. Sodoma, JD, Managing Principal

“Between stimulus and response there is space.  In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”  Viktor Frankl.   When you reach a place in your marriage, you have a choice as to how you respond. If you have chosen mediation as your path, then you have used your space wisely and chosen a response that is likely better and healthier than any other path of dissolution.  When clients come to us, they deserve not only for us to support that decision but also for us to blend the experience and exemplary qualities of each of our family law attorneys.  Family Law attorneys can fight in the courtroom, but they can also empower clients to achieve their goals in ways that do not destroy the fabric of the family overall.  Mediation and arbitration are proven methods to reach those goals, without involving difficult and time-consuming litigation.

At our firm, each attorney and staff member believe not only in their ability to make a difference in a client’s life but also their ability to be supportive of a client’s emotional, spiritual, and physical well being.  After more than two decades of practicing as a family law attorney, I know that when our clients contact us, they are typically making one of the biggest decisions of their lives.  I see it with my clients. I saw it with my parents. I have seen it personally.  Use your space to make the best decisions for your family by meaningfully participating in mediation.  Know that the family law attorneys at Sodoma Law will do their best to follow the spirit of your settlement in order to facilitate the growth and freedom of your choice.

Ms. Lynn Myrick, Divorce Concierge

I am a Divorce Concierge.  Personally speaking, I know first-hand the landscape of the newly separated, the finally divorced, and all the areas in between.   My experience as a Certified Professional Coach with a BA in Psychology from UNC-Charlotte, combined with my knowledge in Conversational Intelligence, as well as my entrepreneurial spirit and financial planning background perfectly positioned me for this role.  This foundation of business acumen, intuition and creativity allow me to bring fresh perspective into everything I do.

In 2004, I went through a divorce that brought me to Charlotte from Raleigh but with two littles in tow and an urgency to reinvent my life. The logistics of finding a new job, finding childcare, and getting a handle on my new financial situation was overwhelming on a normal day. As your Divorce Concierge, I am the calm in the storm that life has thrown you, or the balance that you need in the storm so that you can live your best life. I will walk with you through the toughest times and help you manage not only the detailed logistics and next steps, but also your emotional landscape and how you can and will stay grounded and strong.  I truly look forward to working with you wherever you are on this life’s journey, and helping you fearlessly pursue what sets your soul on fire.